We teach Swing Dance classes at Legacy Ballet in Albany! Swing Dancing is a great way to have fun, meet new people, and get moving in a low pressure environment. For more information on Swing Dancing check out this brief history of swing dancing from UK’s The Swing Dance Company!

Beginning swing DANCE workshopS

 Sunday Afternoon, February 19th at 3 pm: Beginning Swing Dance Workshop.

This workshop is for people who are very new to swing dancing! It’s a fun workshop designed to get you out on the dance floor without being too difficult!

Series will cover: Basic Footwork, open & closed position, Inside & outside Turns. Handshake Position,  & Breaks. We will also introduce 30’s CHARLESTON if we have time

Workshop is $25 at the door. Discount Registration is $20 through our website. Click the button below to register!

 Registration CLOSED. Please come to door before 3pm.

Workshop Venue is Legacy Ballet: 104 Main Street SE. Albany, OR 97321. Find out more about them at legacyballet.com